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At Papillon Playgroup we always ensure that every child has the opportunity to take part in a wide and varied range of activities each week. We cover many different subjects throughout the year and use these as a basis for covering the 7 points of the EYFS. Some of our activities are listed below.


We cover many different topics during the year, and incorporate all of our activities into the themes of the current topic. Recent topics have included Christmas, Chinese New Year, Weather, Feelings, Countries and Animals. We always encourage parents to continue these topics at home, and to bring in any items or stories that are relevant to the current topic, to share with the children.

Music & Movement.

It's fun to pretend to be different animals, or to do different jobs. During the Chinese New Year, we enjoyed dancing to Chinese music carrying the streamers we had made. Sometimes we play ring games, such as ring-a-roses, the farmer's in his den etc, and we like marching about with the musical instruments. We have a large 'parachute' that we all hold in a circle, then hold it high so we can run underneath before it lands on us. We have cars and bikes to ride on, and a tent and tunnel to play in. Sometimes we go to the park if the weather is nice, and do these things in the sunshine.

Hand Eye Co-Ordination.

We enjoy putting things together to make new things. We use lacing cards and threading beads. We even use liquorice laces to thread Cheerios. We build tall towers with the wooden bricks, make different shapes with the magnets on the magnet boards, and do puzzles, such as peg puzzles with animal noises. In small groups, we make big jigsaw puzzles of the map of the world and a big fire engine. We sometimes play skittles or run obstacle races.

Mark Making.

There is always some kind of mark making activity out each day. This can be chalk on dark paper, felt pens, crayons, painting with brushes, fingers, sponges, straws or string. Some of our pictures are up on the wall.

Role Play.

There are many different role play activities for us to do. Sometimes we have the cleaning toys out and we vacuum, dust and sweep the playgroup. Then we have lots of dressing up clothes, hats, shoes, jewellry and bags to dress up with. Sometimes we have a picnic or dinner in a restaurant. We even had dinner in a Chinese restaurant and used chop sticks.

Snack Time.

For snack, we have all kinds of fruit and vegetables. We tried Kiwi fruit but not many children liked it, but they all gave it a go. We can have milk or water to drink, and sometimes we eat what we have made, like Jaffa cake spiders. We have also tried food from other countries including popadoms, naan bread, noodles and different dips with breadsticks. We all sit togather at the table and sometimes we get to use a plastic knife, fork and spoon.

Story Time.

We all sit in the carpet area for story time. We have shared reading and can join in with the flap books. There is a bookshelf that we can get books from at any time during the session if we want to read, and can even borrow books to take home. We have a lot of library books that are changed regularly as well as old favourites that are always available. While we are in the carpet area, we sometimes talk about the topics we have covered over the term. Story time is always a quiet time, away from the bustle of the other activities, and we can take time out from the noisier activities at any time we like if we need to have a quiet moment.


Each day during registration, we count how many children we have today. During snack time we count how many apple pieces there are, or how many red cups we have and how many blue plates. We use counting in all areas of our play as much as possible to encourage number skills.

Song Time.

We have two song times each session, where we sing nursery rhymes like Incey Wincey Spider, Miss Polly had a dolly, Tommy Thumb, or counting songs like 1-2-3-4-5, 5 little speckled frogs and 10 fat sausages. We have a CD player which we use to play songs during the physical play activities, and for sing-a-longs. If we are covering a topic such as Divali, we will listen to Indian songs and music on the CD player.

Messy Play.

We have a lot of messy stuff to play with throughout the term. Some of the messy things we play with include Jelly, Gloop, water, rice, play dough, cooked noodles, porridge oats (dry and wet) and many other fun stuff. It's fun to put the plastic animals in the rice bowl and try to find them or guess what they are without seeing them.

There are many other activities which the children can enjoy throughout the year. Children learn more while they are having fun, so we always aim to make our activities as enjoyable and stimulating as possible.

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