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Playtime    all the time Papillon Playgroup

9.15am - Children arrive and are signed in. Parents and carers are welcome to use this time to speak to their child’s keyworker

FREEPLAY - Children may use the range of activities on offer today to explore, learn and play. They may also choose from any of the other toys in the drawers. During freeplay there are adult led activities which help to support the children's learning through planned experiences.

10.30am - We open our 'Hungry Caterpillar' cafe so the children can have a snack when they are ready. Papillon provide a healthy snack including fruit and milk. We ask the children to help us make a shopping list for next time and we also sometimes try out different food.

11.00am - We all tidy up, then we sit in the carpet area for registration and we do the weather board.

11.15am - Physical free play or music and movement. If the weather is nice we may have an outing, usually to the park. We have recently also visited the library, the church and the fire station. We may also go out to explore the environment.

11.45am - Circle games and then songs and stories in the carpet area.

12.15pm - Home time for the children not attending lunch club. Staff sign out the children. Parents and carers have a chance to talk to  their child’s keyworker.

Lunch Club

12.15pm -  The children wash their hands, find their name card on one of the tables. We all have lunch together and then take the register.

12.35pm - Lunch boxes  are tidied away. And the children are free to play

 including physical and table top activities.

2.00pm - Tidy up and sit on the carpet for songs and stories.

2.15pm - Home time.