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Fantastic staff. My daughter is very happy here. I'd highly recommend it.

O_____ settled in so well. Papillon was the best decision we made. O_____ is much more independent. Potty training was easier knowing I had playgroup’s support. O_____’s younger brother will be joining Papillon as soon as he’s old enough. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

I feel the staff at Papillon Playgroup very helpful, approachable and just lovely people. They have helped to make my daughter an independent little lady as they have helped her engage more with others and even helped me with her potty training.

The transition from Africa to UK has been made so much easier for S_____ because of Papillon. Your kindness and warm welcome has been overwhelming & S______ has loved every day spent with you.

You have created a very special place where all 3 of our boys have felt happy, safe and inspired.

I felt very comfortable leaving C_____ at Papillon. I felt I could talk to all of the staff. I would recommend Papillon Playgroup to friends and family.

Papillon have helped in many ways to help O______ be prepared for nursery. The activities, reading, songs, discipline, socialness and even potty training have always been given 100% effort from staff.

Wonderful staff in a wonderful setting. K_____ calls you her “wonderful lovely ladies”.

What a lovely playgroup Papillon is. T______ has had a great time whilst he’s been here.

A really friendly group – staff very understanding.

I love to bring my son here, he likes to play with children and he adore this place. Thanks for everything.

Brilliant Playgroup! :)

Would just like to say you all do such a great job and can't wait til M_____ is old enough to join you.

Many thanks for your advice and support over the years - wishing you every success for the future.

I am very happy with the care H_____ receives at Papillon, as a very 'cautious' parent I wouldn't leave H_____ somewhere I wasn't completely sure he would be safe and enjoy it. I also always hear great things about Papillon from other parents.

Lovely friendly staff always keen to help. My daughter struggled to settle and after a few weeks is happy and settled. We had a 2 week holiday and [she went] straight away to staff no tears or upset. Thank you so much for all your hard work and understanding on both of my children.

I think Papillon Playgroup is a fabulous and friendly playgroup. My son J______ has enjoyed every moment of attending the group. He will greatly miss the children and especially the staff when he goes off to big school. Thank you to all the staff!

R____ seems to really enjoy playgroup, we have noticed a vast development in her communication skills since starting with Papillon.

Excellent staff, which have added value in terms of my son's development. All the best for next year.

"M______ loves everything about playgroup; and what makes M______ happy makes me very happy"

"T______ has had a fantastic time at Papillon and this will really benefit him as he moves on to big school. The lunch club has really seen big strides in his development both socially and educationally. Thank you to everyon who works at Papillon you are a very special team. Best wishes for the future success of the Playgroup".

"Thank you for all you have done for my children. My older son went to Papillon and it gave him a very good foundation in which to start his education in big school. My daughter attended Papillon 4 times a week and was very happy there".

"We cannot thank all the staff at Papillon enough. M_____ adores everyone there and overwhelms me with her knowledge which has been brought out of her by your wonderful staff. Many thanks for taking such great care of our daughter; she will miss you all so much".

"Papillon support us fantastically, and have dealt with my son's special needs in a sensitive and productive manner."

"Thank you so much for your warmth, care and lovely smiles throughout the terms. It was always a relief to leave N______ in a place where she learned, had fun and increased her confidence. We will miss you and think of you as the ones who provided the first great steps towards learning."

"Papillon is really friendly and welcoming, with a great range of toys and activities. Thank you to all the staff for making it so much fun!"

"E_____ has really enjoyed her time at Papillon Playgroup and has come on leaps and bounds. She has made lots of friends and become attached to the members of staff. I am so pleased with her progress and look forward to sending her brother there. Thanks to all of you for the support you have given."

" My daughter's interaction with other children has now carried through to other social settings."

" Staff always available and regular newsletters and website are very good."

"The staff at Papillon are very supportive of the children, and individual attention is always given."

"Excellent care providers with friendly, supportive caring staff who have worked wonders with my son"

"My eldest son went to Papillon and thoroughly enjoyed his time there, and it gave him a good foundation in which to start his education. My second son is now enjoying Papillon just as much. We would highly recommend this fantastic playgroup to anyone."

"Papillon is a fantastic playgroup. The staff are friendly, caring and child focused. They are attentive to the individual needs of each child, and above all, my daughter is very happy here."

"My daughter, A______ (3 yrs), attends Papillon Playgroup three times a week and loves it. We moved to Royston recently and if you ask A_____ whether she likes Royston or not, she says 'Yes, because my playgroup is here'. She's full of happiness and confidence when I collect her."

"As a retired Nursery School Teacher, I am very interested in my grand-daughter's education and in particular, her first playgroup, Papillon Playgroup. I found their website to be well designed, informative and easy to understand. I was impressed with the excellent range and variety of activities which are offered to promote the education and development of the children in their care".

"I don't want to make comments about the fantastic location Papillon is set on; or about how much my daughter enjoys her time there (as much as my son did last year). Don't want to tell you how welcoming and friendly all the staff are; or how their dedication is reflected on the little happy faces of kids. I don't even want to mention anything about the competitive prices Papillon offers... I just want to say that I could only be happier having 5 days a week! They are just the right group of people to provide the best start to my kids."

"Dear Anne, Thank you for all the care and attention that you have given T______ over the past year".

"Thank you to everyone at Papillon who have looked after D______ and for making it such a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for him. Wishing you every success in the future".

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