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Playtime    all the time Papillon Playgroup

Play Time All The Time!

For 2,3 and 4 year olds.

A safe and friendly place for children to learn and develop their skills ready for big school.  

Early years foundation stage (EYFS)

O_____ settled in so well. Papillon was the best decision we made. O_____ is much more independent.

There are 7 areas of learning and development. They are all important and  interconnected.

 There are 3 "prime areas" that are crucial for igniting children’s curiosity for learning.

• Communication and language

• Physical development  

• Personal, social and emotional.

There 4 ‘specific areas’ of learning that follow and these are:

• Literacy  

• Mathematics

• Understanding the world

• Expressive arts and design.

The transition from Africa to UK has been made so much easier for S_____ because of Papillon. Your kindness and warm welcome has been overwhelming & S______ has loved every day spent with you.

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